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Who we are

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The One World Lab (OWL) is an association based in Germany that works with climate protection initiatives from countries of the Global South and campaigns for climate justice through climate protection, development cooperation, educational work, science and research.


Our work is interdisciplinary, multi-perspective, multi-media and often participatory. Our goal is to sensitise young people worldwide to climate protection and thus advance global climate justice.









what we do

We do environmental education work and support environmental initiatives worldwide.

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educational work
We educate from different geographical and social positions about climate change and possible protective measures. Diverse nationalities, geographical and social origins, gender and ethnic belongings share their knowledge. In this way, underrepresented perspectives from the South in particular are strengthened and young people worldwide learn from each other.

renewable energy
We promote climate protection initiatives from countries of the Global South, among other things through advisory services, research cooperation and public relations work.

join us

Only together can we fight the global threat of accelerating climate change around the world!

Are you an engineer, educator or environmentalist and want to volunteer in our team?

Do you want to support us financially?

Or you just want to share our projects with your friends?

One World Lab 2023

Why we do what we do

Countries of the Global South are the main victims of climate change, even though it was caused by countries of the Global North. While industrialised countries can adapt to climate change more easily due to their economic advantage, the consequences of global warming present extreme challenges to many people in the Global South. 

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We want to draw attention to this injustice and raise awareness of global climate justice in cooperation with partner organisations from countries of the Global South. The focus is on the perspective of our partners in the South who, as experts, provide information on local challenges and solution strategies.

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